The Consulting Engineering Firm of Reynaldo C. Prego, P.E. was founded by Mr. Reynaldo C. Prego in 1978 and is certified by the State of New York as a NYC Minority and/or Women Owned Business Enterprise.  It is a firm that strives for excellence in mechanical and electrical engineering in all of its projects, from the smallest assignment to the most complex facility.  The firm’s capabilities include the complete design of mechanical and electrical systems for office and educational buildings, apartment towers, computer areas, retail and commercial spaces, dedicated courthouse buildings, hospital and health care facilities, laboratories and research facilities, factories and central heating and cooling plants in private and public buildings.  
Service to the client is of paramount importance to us.  Each of our projects is managed and guided by a principal of the firm from its inception through completion to give maximum support to the client.  Our roster of repeat clients is a testimony to the quality, promptness, and reliability of services. Flexibility in design approach is an integral part of our design philosophy.  In today’s dynamic construction industry, where each project has its unique characteristics, standard solutions do not always suffice.  Open-mindedness towards innovative use of existing and new materials characterizes our approach to each project.

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