How the Firm is Organized
The principal, Mr. Reynaldo C. Prego and his associate, Ms. Michelle Prego-Raio share office responsibilities for general marketing, administration and policy-making. More importantly, they personally undertake the management, design and production of every project. Mr. Prego is a Licensed Mechanical Professional Engineer in the State of New York and New Jersey. Ms. Prego-Raio holds a Bachelor of Science Degree for Mechanical Engineering.

How the Firm Works
Michelle Prego-Raio oversees every stage of Project Service, including but not limited to, attending all Client needs and satisfactions, ensuring all contractual obligations are fulfilled, assigning staff and scheduling. Reynaldo C. Prego, PE oversees all Project Design for the firm. He will be working side by side with the design team for Program Development and Analysis (one of the most important aspects of design), Conceptual Design, Study and Presentation Sketches, Schematic Design and Design Development. He personally oversees certain tasks of the preparation of Construction Documents. He makes all design presentations before Clients and governing agencies. All Design Team members will answer to Ms. Prego-Raio for administration and Mr. Prego for design and technical matters.

Quality and Competence of Services
Our track record on executed projects and references from clients will bear out our commitment to providing quality service utilizing sound Architectural and Engineering principles. Our firm has made a commitment to the effective use of AutoCad. All employees have extensive training in the use of ACAD. Over ninety-five percent of the work done in our office is completed on ACAD. All designers have their own ACAD workstations and are familiar with all aspects of the program implementation, thus making it possible to generate all engineering floor plans and HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler and electrical plans on ACAD, which allows us to provide high quality designs. Furthermore we are meticulous in our detailing and specification writing so that the design intent is clear. We are therefore uncompromising with Contractors when it comes to Construction Document compliance and adherence to construction industry quality standards.

Professional Qualifications
All professional services provided by Reynaldo C. Prego, P.E. Consulting Engineers will be performed and supervised only by experienced individuals. All Principals, consultants and key employees will have current registrations or licenses for their respective disciplines and will each be a professional in good standing with their respective New York Boards. While the Principals and other key firm members are extremely competent engineers, they also run the business and are well aware of how technical issues translate into the time and money equation. As a result, these parameters are always considered in addressing engineering matters. All our services are performed in-house. We often solicit the assistance from vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, etc. in order to establish current material and dollar rates as well as for determining the reliability and availability of building products important to a project.